Mock-up room in the new LOGINN Hotel in Waiblingen

Construction of the new LOGINN Hotel & Apartments in Waiblingen is taking shape. After the completion of the building shell in the autumn, all windows were installed in February, closing the facade. Interior construction and furnishing of the rooms have now begun. Last week, a model room was set up as a prototype for the furnishing of the remaining rooms. Based on the model room, an examination will take place, followed by approval for the expansion of the remaining rooms.

AVONIA Real Estate GmbH from Leinfelden-Echterdingen is responsible for the project development. “We are delighted that, despite the pandemic and supply shortages, we have been able to pursue our goal of reviving this prominent hotel location with a new modern concept,” said Reimund Sigel, Managing Director of AVONIA Real Estate.

The owner is the Waiblingen based Alpenland Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH. The total investment volume amounts to approximately EUR 22 million.

The Stuttgart-based real estate and technology consulting firm, Zyklu5 GmbH, serves as the project manager.

“We are delighted that the construction of the new hotel at the train station is progressing well. The location is ideal for business travelers as well as for tourists, and the new property will complement the good hotel offerings in Waiblingen perfectly,” said Lord Mayor Sebastian Wolf.

Köster GmbH’s Stuttgart branch (formerly Baresel GmbH) has been awarded the construction contract. “Although the lead times were significantly extended due to the Ukraine conflict, we have largely been spared significant material shortages. Only with the wood for the formwork were there some minor issues, as a lot of the wood normally comes from Russia,” said Phillip Vetter (project manager at Köster). Reimund Sigel praises the cooperative relationship with Köster and the project manager Zyklu5. “We appreciate that Köster negotiated reinforcing steel across construction sites early on to ensure supply security and thus maintain the schedule.”

In Waiblingen, the LOGINN Hotels & Apartments brand is already building its 50th property. “Even during pandemic and lockdown times, it is important to plan long-term and continue to grow in strategically important regions. Therefore, we are looking forward to being able to offer our understanding of hospitality in Waiblingen,” said Philipp Freiherr v. Bodman, Managing Partner of ACHAT Hotels.