Opening of the LOGINN Hotel in Waiblingen

On July 1, 2023, two years after the demolition of Hotel Koch at Waiblingen train station, the new LOGINN Hotel opens its doors. Just in time for the Waiblingen “Altstadtfest”, the first guests check in. With 136 double rooms, it is now the largest hotel in the city. The aim is not only to benefit business travelers and tourists but also the residents of Waiblingen themselves. External guests who are not staying at the hotel are warmly welcome, says Reimund Sigel, CEO of the project development company AVONIA Real Estate.

The combination of a classic hotel lounge, café, and coworking space is intended, for example, for train travelers who want to have a coffee after their arrival in Waiblingen, or for local companies looking for a suitable place for a team meeting.

In the lobby, there are several laptop workstations with power outlets. At the bar, which is open 24 hours a day, sandwiches and paninis are available all day long.

Half of the breakfast room can be separated and used as a seminar room. It is equipped with a multifunctional monitor for presentations, video conferences, or simply for watching football. Laptop workstations with power outlets for charging mobile devices are available here.

The new hotel has twelve employees, mostly from Waiblingen, who have been trained at other Achat locations. Training will also be offered in Waiblingen from autumn 2023. The cleaning, including the bed linen, has been outsourced to an external company.

Bookings have been possible through various online portals for about six weeks now. “We continuously receive new bookings and inquiries,” says hotel manager Irina Schley, who expects mainly business customers on weekdays and private individuals on weekends.

For longer stays, apartment-style rooms with a kitchenette are available. Currently, the regular double room costs 79 euros for single occupancy and 99 euros for double occupancy, breakfast included for 16 euros.


Mock-up room in the new LOGINN Hotel in Waiblingen

Construction of the new LOGINN Hotel & Apartments in Waiblingen is taking shape. After the completion of the building shell in the autumn, all windows were installed in February, closing the facade. Interior construction and furnishing of the rooms have now begun. Last week, a model room was set up as a prototype for the furnishing of the remaining rooms. Based on the model room, an examination will take place, followed by approval for the expansion of the remaining rooms.

AVONIA Real Estate GmbH from Leinfelden-Echterdingen is responsible for the project development. “We are delighted that, despite the pandemic and supply shortages, we have been able to pursue our goal of reviving this prominent hotel location with a new modern concept,” said Reimund Sigel, Managing Director of AVONIA Real Estate.

The owner is the Waiblingen based Alpenland Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH. The total investment volume amounts to approximately EUR 22 million.

The Stuttgart-based real estate and technology consulting firm, Zyklu5 GmbH, serves as the project manager.

“We are delighted that the construction of the new hotel at the train station is progressing well. The location is ideal for business travelers as well as for tourists, and the new property will complement the good hotel offerings in Waiblingen perfectly,” said Lord Mayor Sebastian Wolf.

Köster GmbH’s Stuttgart branch (formerly Baresel GmbH) has been awarded the construction contract. “Although the lead times were significantly extended due to the Ukraine conflict, we have largely been spared significant material shortages. Only with the wood for the formwork were there some minor issues, as a lot of the wood normally comes from Russia,” said Phillip Vetter (project manager at Köster). Reimund Sigel praises the cooperative relationship with Köster and the project manager Zyklu5. “We appreciate that Köster negotiated reinforcing steel across construction sites early on to ensure supply security and thus maintain the schedule.”

In Waiblingen, the LOGINN Hotels & Apartments brand is already building its 50th property. “Even during pandemic and lockdown times, it is important to plan long-term and continue to grow in strategically important regions. Therefore, we are looking forward to being able to offer our understanding of hospitality in Waiblingen,” said Philipp Freiherr v. Bodman, Managing Partner of ACHAT Hotels.


The niu Form Hotel in the Stuttgart Pragsattel Area is Completed

AVONIA Real Estate and its partners MERKUR Development Holding and OSWA Planen und Bauen have completed an office & hotel complex in the Stuttgart Pragsattel Area comprising 10,600 sqm of above-grade gross floor space.

Its future user has already taken over the hotel: the Hamburg-based hotel group, NOVUM Hospitality, has a long-term lease to operate the 182-room hotel under its niu Form Hotel brand.

The building has 3,400 sqm of high-quality office space, which is currently being leased.

The complex includes underground storage spaces and a two-level garage with spots for 89 vehicles.

This project in Leitzstrasse 50-52 commenced in 2016; the total investment was around EUR 50 million.

A New LOGINN by ACHAT Hotel in Waiblingen

In a few weeks, ACHAT will kick-start the new LOGINN Hotel at Bahnhofstrasse 81 (Corner of Devizesstrasse) in Waiblingen. The first task – demolition of the former structure of Hotel Koch. The property owner is the Waiblingen based Alpenland Grundstücksgesellschaft.

AVONIA Real Estate GmbH of Leinfelden-Echterdingen has been contracted as the project developer. Reimund Sigel, CEO of AVONIA Real Estate GmbH said, “We are really excited to revitalize this prominent hotel location with a novel, modern concept.”

A premium budget hotel will arise on the 1,700 sqm lot, comprising 136 double rooms, an underground parking garage for 27 vehicles, and 4 parking spots outside. This complex of 6,200 sqm gross floor space will have a ground floor, six upper floors (roughly 4,900 sqm), and a roughly 1,300 sqm sized basement. The building has a staggered form designed by CIP Architekten GmbH of Stuttgart, involving a total investment of around EUR 22 million.

The construction permit was issued early in 2021. Reimund Sigel praised the cooperation between the City of Waiblingen and the Economic development department: “Everyone worked closely together and stayed focused on addressing all permit related aspects.”

The Mayor, Andreas Hesky, added, “This new hotel is situated right next to the train station, and will greatly boost the availability of rooms for overnight stays in Waiblingen. At the top of Bahnhofstrasse, this hotel creates an ideal entry to the downtown area, underscoring its urbanity.”

The Stuttgart branch of Köster GmbH (formerly Baresel GmbH) will serve as the general contractor for the construction. Project controller is the Stuttgart based real estate consultant Zyklu5 GmbH, whose CEO Thomas Hetzel stated, “We estimate the demolition and construction will take almost two years, which means an opening around April 2023.”

The ACHAT Hotel Group from Mannheim has signed a long-term lease to operate the complex. The LOGINN Hotel brand in Waiblingen is the 36th of its kind under the wings of this group. Philipp Freiherr v. Bodman, Managing Director of ACHAT Hotels explained, “Even during the COVID pandemic, it is critical to continue long-term planning and grow in strategic key regions. Hence, we are very pleased to offer our hospitality concept in Waiblingen.” In this region, the ACHAT Group already has hotels at Stuttgart Fasanenhof and Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.


AVONIA and MERKUR complete “the niu Timber” hotel in Esslingen

AVONIA Real Estate and Merkur Development Holding have completed their hotel and have handed it over to the operator NOVUM Hospitality, trading under “the niu” brand. NOVUM Hospitality has opened the hotel, named “the niu Timber”, in October.

Reimund Sigel, Managing Director of AVONIA Real Estate, praises the successful collaboration with the city of Esslingen and district administration: “All coordination with the authorities, from submission of the planning application to acceptance of the works, took place in an efficient and collaborative dialogue”.

“the niu Timber” is the 13th hotel of the expanding “the niu” brand to be completed. “We value the partnership with AVONIA Real Estate and MERKUR Development Holding and look forward to implementing further joint projects in the future,” said David Etmenan, Chief Executive Officer & owner of NOVUM Hospitality.

Novum Hospitality is also the operator of the soon-to-open “the niu Mesh” hotel development in Stuttgart-Fasanenhof. In addition, “the niu Form” in Stuttgart-Pragsattel is under construction.

During the last 18 months, the new hotel building providing 227 double rooms and 60 parking spaces has been constructed on the ca. 4,000 sq m “Weber-Areal” site, at Otto-Bayer-Str. 8. The gross external area of around 7,500 sq m is arranged over the ground floor and 4 upper floors and a basement of the L-shaped structure. The total investment volume amounts to around EUR 28 million.

Marcus Hientzsch, Director of MERKUR Development Holding GmbH: “The development was completed on schedule and handed over on the exact day. We are delighted with the partnership with NOVUM Hospitality at this and other locations and are looking forward to more exciting projects with NOVUM Hospitality”.


Building Permit for an Office and Hotel Project in the Stuttgart Pragsattel Area

AVONIA Real Estate, MERKUR Development Holding, and OSWA Planen und Bauen have received a permit to commence construction of their joint office and hotel complex in Leitzstr. 50-52, Stuttgart. Marcus Hientzsch, CEO of MERKUR remarked, “We are pleased about breaking ground after a lengthy design and approval process.”

Colliers International Stuttgart has been engaged to soon begin leasing this office space, situated adjacent to the Mercedes Bank and Theaterhaus.

A Joint Venture of the three parties acquired this almost 3,000 sqm site in 2016. The plan approves construction of a high-rise hotel with 182 double rooms in Leitzstr. 50, plus offices with roughly 3,400 sqm of leasing space in Leitzstr. 52.

The offices will be in a separate part of the complex of six above-grade floors, each enclosing about 600 sqm of leasing space, which can be split into two leasing zones per floor. A two-level underground parking garage under both parts of the complex will hold 89 vehicles. The entire project consists of approximately 16,000 sqm Gross floor area including the underground garage. Reimund Sigel, CEO of AVONIA says, “We see continuing demand for attractive office space in Stuttgart. Our project will help fill the gap for urgently needed space in this market.”

Demolition of current buildings on the site began a few weeks ago. Groundbreaking can thus begin as soon as we hand this site over to the prime contractor, Baresel, with completion slated for Q3 of 2010.

For the hotel with ten above-grade floors, a long-term lease was executed early on with NOVUM Hospitality of Hamburg, which will operate it under its niu brand as the niu Form Hotel.


Building permit for “niu” Hotel in Esslingen

AVONIA Real Estate GmbH of Leinfelden-Echterdingen and MERKUR Development Holding GmbH of Rüsselsheim have together been granted a permit to build a hotel under the NOVUM Hospitality brand “niu” in the City of Esslingen. Construction kicks-off in February 2018.

Situated on a roughly 4,000 sqm lot (Weber site), in the Otto-Bayer-Str. 8-10, this JV will put up a new hotel designed by CIP GmbH Architects & Engineers from Stuttgart, with 227 double rooms and 56 parking spaces. Reimund Sigel, CEO of AVONIA Real Estate GmbH said, “We’re really pleased that we now have the permit to commence construction of our planned hotel”. Marcus Hientzsch, CEO of MERKUR Development Holding GmbH added, “Since the current buildings on the site have already been vacated, we can start demolishing them right away”.

The L-shaped structure has a gross floor area of about 7,500 sqm, spread across a ground floor, four upper floors (about 7,000 sqm), and a basement (about 500 sqm) The originally planned fifth upper floor could be eliminated by utilizing the basement instead for the intended purpose. The investment amounts to about 28 million euros, with completion and opening slated for the end of 2019.

NOVUM Hospitality of Hamburg secured this site early on with a leasing contract, and will operate the hotel under the “niu Timber” name. David Etmenan, CEO and owner of NOVUM Hospitality stated, “We’re excited about expanding our partnership with AVONIA and MERKUR, with the best conditions and required expertise in a region that’s lucrative for us”.

The niu Timber hotel is a modern adaptation and interpretation of timber-frame houses typical for the region. It is not designed to be romantic or ordinary, but to instead project a young, urban, and fresh aura. Here, travelers, business guests, and locals will enjoy the charms of half-timbered houses in a contemporary and casual style. Guests will love the modern gadgets, a refined concept for food and beverages enhanced by a regional touch, plus many exciting events – all at fair prices for overnight stays, for a break after work, or for coworking purposes.


AVONIA and MERKUR are developing a “niu” brand hotel in Esslingen a. N. for roughly 28 million euros

AVONIA Real Estate GmbH of Leinfelden-Echterdingen has joined up with MERKUR Development Holding GmbH of Rüsselsheim to acquire the Weber site in the Otto-Bayer-Str. 8-10 in Esslingen am Neckar. This Esslingen JV, the Otto-Bayer-Str. Grundstücks-GmbH, is in the process of building a new hotel with about 7,000 sqm of above-grade gross floor space, to be commenced as soon as the present buildings have been vacated by early 2018. The investment is about 28 million euros, with completion scheduled in 2019.

The new hotel will be run by the NOVUM Hotel Group of Hamburg under its “niu” brand.

The almost 4,000 sqm site is ideally located for traffic in Oberesslingen, adjoining the inner-city. Plans call for 225 hotel rooms on six floors, and about 60 parking spaces. Reimund Sigel, CEO of AVONIA Real Estate GmbH explains, “We are confident that this is the right site for a hotel, considering its closeness to Messe Stuttgart and the airport, and the rising demand for overnight accommodations”. Marcus Hientzsch, CEO of MERKUR Development Holding GmbH adds, “We plan to apply for a permit by the end of Q2/2017”.

David Etmenan, CEO and owner of the NOVUM Hotel Group explains, “Due to its proximity to the inner-city, the B10 highway, and public transportation, this site is the ideal one for us to achieve sustainability and innovation in an urban context”.


New hotel and office building project in Stuttgart Pragsattel

On August 3, 2016, the JV comprising AVONIA Real Estate GmbH (Leinfelden-Echterdingen), MERKUR Development Holding GmbH (Rüsselsheim), and OSWA Planen und Bauen GmbH (Ingersheim) acquired the lot at Leitzstr. 52 in Stuttgart’s Pragsattel area. This JV, the Stuttgart Leitzstr. 52 GmbH, plans to put up a highrise hotel and office building with roughly 11,000 sqm of above-grade floor space. The NOVUM Hotel Group of Hamburg has also come on board as a solid partner to manage the hotel under its NOVUM Style Hotels brand.

The application for a building permit will be submitted within weeks. Covering an area of almost 3,000 sqm, the lot is ideally located to handle traffic, right next to the Mercedes Bank and the theater. The investment totals about 36 million euros, with completion planned for 2019. Marcus Hientzsch, CEO of MERKUR Development Holding GmbH clarified, “We are convinced that the mix of 2/3 hotel and 1/3 offices on this sized lot creates an attractive product”.

Over 200 hotel rooms will be spread across 12 floors of this highrise, offering unrivaled views of the adjoining Killesberg area and downtown Stuttgart. David Etmenan, CEO and owner of the NOVUM Hotel Group emphasized, “We were sure of this site right from the start, because of its closeness to the inner-city and accessible location”.

Marketing of the roughly 4,000 sqm of office space should begin by Q4/2016. The offices will be in a separate part of the building complex with six above-grade floors, each enclosing roughly 600 sqm of rental space. A two-level underground parking garage will hold 126 vehicles. Reimund Sigel, CEO of AVONIA Real Estate GmbH says, “In these times of increasing space shortages, we are really pleased to offer connected, modern office space in Stuttgart”.